20mph Speed Limit

Lustleigh Parish Council has been requested, by a parishioner, to investigate imposing a 20mph speed limit (currently 30mph) from Brookfield corner through the village.

Speed limits are set by Devon County Council (DCC) who need to approve any requested changes. This year 105 town and parish councils in Devon expressed an interest in introducing a 20mph speed limit. These were reviewed by DCC’s Traffic Management Team, against an agreed framework, and as a result 4 schemes were selected. Other schemes will be implemented at a later date, in priority order and dependant on budgetary constraints. Looking at the framework against which such decisions are made Lustleigh will not feature high on the priority list but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t apply.

This would of course have an impact on the village as a whole and therefore, before taking the request any further, the council wishes to hear the views of the community. There may well be people in favour of imposing a 20mph speed limit, but others may disagree and there may be opposition to any necessary signage.

If you require more information before making a decision then there is a great deal online, including 20’s Plenty for Us ( and Setting local speed limits – GOV.UK (

Please could you drop an email to stating whether you are for or against the council apply for a 20mph speed limit and giving your reasoning? This will be discussed further at the November council meeting.

Many thanks.


Dartmoor Devil 2022 cycle ride

The annual Dartmoor Devil cycle ride will pass through our parish on Sunday 30th October.

There will be a total of no more than 200 riders on the event and should be very well spread out to prevent bunching. Riders leave Bovey Tracey in two groups, at 8am and 9am, and will follow the route on the attached map. The first riders are likely to enter the parish at about 9.10am and the last of the riders is expected to have cleared the parish by 11.30 or so.

Police Report August 2022

This report covers the parish of Lustleigh which include the village as well as part of the A382.

The Parish is served by the Neighbourhood Police team, working out of Ashburton Police station and Chudleigh Police office. The Parish forms part of the Teignbridge Rural sector.

The team is led by Sgt Seth Saunders, supported by PC Dave Gibson, PCSO’S Tina Jordan and Paul Wilson.

In August 2022 in the Lustleigh area, there were no offences recorded and no other non-crime incidents reported to the Police

From January 1st to 31st of August 2022 there has been a total of 14 recorded offences, this has risen from 13 in the corresponding dates in 2021.

Bearing in mind that for part of 2021 we were in lockdown, these figures remain very low and show that Lustleigh is a very safe place to both live and work.

We are keen to hear any ideas that would help us support the local community in the future.

PCSO 30382

Paul Wilson

Chudleigh Police Office

February 2022

From Chief Executive, Phil Norrey and Leader, Cllr John Hart

Monday 31 January 2022

Our Strategic Plan 2021-2025

Dear colleague  

Devon County Councillor Leader, Councillor John Hart and I are pleased to share our Strategic Plan 2021-2025 with you which details the Council’s priorities for the next four years.

The plan describes goals that we believe will help to make Devon the best place to grow up, and a place where we can all live well and prosper. 

Alongside the Strategic Plan we will also release annual action plans which will set out what we will do each year to achieve our strategic goals. 

What do you need to do?

We are now asking for input into our annual plans and inviting you, as both a Devon resident and a member of staff, to share your ideas about how we can achieve our priorities together.

As employees and Members of Devon County Council, we’re in a unique position to bring this plan to life and help create a brighter, safer, more welcoming, and sustainable future for the people of Devon.

You can read the Strategic Plan and priorities in full on our website.

Please take the time to look over the information and then fill in the survey on each priority page to share your ideas on how we can work differently to make Devon an even better place to live and work.

As a proud employee of Devon County Council, please also share the plan with your friends, family and networks and ask them to contribute too. We welcome thoughts and ideas from as many people as possible to help us achieve our ambitions.

You can also read our latest press release about the launch of our Strategic Plan.

Best wishes

Phil Norrey, Chief Executive and Cllr John Hart