The next parish council meeting will be held at the village hall on Thursday 13th April 2023 at 7.30pm. The agenda will be published at least 3 days beforehand.

2 thoughts on “Agenda

  1. I would ask that the speed limit in the village and particularly on the long straight of Brookfield Road be included in the next agenda.
    Currently it is 6omph, rather tying the police’s hands.20 mph would be sufficient. During the times when parking for the cycle track is occupied that provides a bottle neck which slows traffic, but when it is not speeds can rise.
    I live on the main road into the village an am well aware that a small minority of drivers drive too fast. Recently there have been instances of motor bikes in particular going much too fast, late in the evening, perhaps leaving the pub, but less than 60 mph so basically legal! The use by walkers and cyclists requires that caution is necessary. Whilst it is true that a speed limit would not be regularly monitored it is not true that it would therefore be pointless. Occasional monitoring by the police might also be something of a deterrent
    in any case most of us slow down when confronted by a limit-if there is one.
    My car has twice been hit by drivers who said that they were forced to the left by oncoming vehicles approaching too fast.

    There are Devon villages with 20mph limits-why not Lustleigh?


    • Hi Tony
      Thank you for your comment. I will ensure that it is seen by the parish councillors and added to the agenda for the September meeting. You are of course very welcome to attend.
      Best wishes
      Lis Wallace


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